About Con2bil8


The 28th UK Filk Convention
5th – 7th February, 2016
The Marks Tey Best Western Hotel

 UK Guest of Honour: Piers Cawley
Overseas Guests of Honour: Stone Dragons (Tom & Sue Jeffers)

Many things are said of Lissa and Annie.  References to lemurs, harps and increasingly agitated declarations of “PURPLE!” and “GREEN!” are often amongst them.

We are keen to add the phrase, “Pathological Volunteers” onto that list, and to that end, have agreed to run the 28th UK FilkCon – Con2bil8 – with the help of our lovely assistants, Phil and Tim.

  • Yes, this is the second year running that the Allcock/Walker Massive have run the convention.
  • No, we will not be doing it for a third year.
  • Yes, we are sane.  Our mothers had us tested and everything.
  • Yes, Brooce will be helping once more in his role as Premium Concrete Mascot.  In honour of our overseas GoHs, he may well be wearing a pair of decorative concrete moose antlers, though.  There’s no accounting for concrete cows, we’ve found in our extensive experience.

Once again, we are proud to announce that: there will be singing.  There will be guitars (and more guitars, and a few more, because Tom Jeffers is just like that and there will also be exasperated but loving sighs of despair, because Sue is lovely and puts up with a lot).  There will be harps.  There will be workshops.  There will probably be a preponderance of concrete moose jokes.

We hope that there will also be YOU.  Come along and join in!

Membership fees are as follows:

Early Bird (until March 14th): £34/£24 (full/unwaged adult)
Post-worm (from March 15th): £37/£27
Children: under 5 years free, then £1 per year of age at time of booking, up to age 17

To buy memberships, please visit the “Memberships” page!


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